Various different methods are available for keeping up with site updates:

A/ There is an RSS feed.

B/ There is now also a Twitter feed.

C/ There is a simple e-mail subscription system – look for ‘Subscribe by e-mail’ at the bottom right of this page (or any page on the site), type in your e-mail address, certify that you are not a robot, and click ‘Subscribe’. This sends an e-mail for any new addition to the site.

D/ For more selective e-mails, a slightly more complicated process is involved: you need to register with the site, and then specify which topics you wish to be updated about.

  1. To register, go to the registration page, and type in a username and your e-mail address. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail, which will ask you to specify a password. Keep a note of your chosen username and password, you need them at the next stage.
  2. To select or amend topics, use your username and password to log in. Click on ‘Private Law Theory’ (top left) and select ‘Dashboard’; at the Dashboard, select ‘Subscribe2’ (left sidebar). Then specify which topics you wish to be updated on, and when finished click ‘Update Preferences’, and then log out (top right).

Do please let me know if there are other social media I should be using for this purpose!

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