Private Law Theory blog, the first 5 years

5thThis blog went live on 3 September 2011, and since then there have been 3,509 published posts. Each post goes out to current subscribers – there are currently 518 subscribers, and a significant number of the posts are picked up on RSS and other channels. In this past year there have been 81,640 page views, by 32,581 distinct visitors. The pages were viewed from: Spain (23.0%), United Kingdom (18.1%), United States (11.1%), Canada (6.7%), Ireland (4.9%), Australia (4.4%), Germany (3.1%), Israel (2.4%), Netherlands (2.1%), Italy (1.5%), Hong Kong (1.5%), South Africa (1.4%), China (1.4%), Russia (1.3%), Singapore (1.3%) and other counties. The most common cities were:

  1. Alcoi
  2. London
  3. Oxford
  4. Dublin
  5. Toronto
  6. Santa Clara
  7. Montreal
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Tel Aviv-Yafo
  10. Hamburg

The most popular posts over the year (conference and book announcements aside) were:

  1. Maria Lee, ‘The Public Interest in Private Nuisance: Collectives and Communities in Tort’
  2. Larissa Katz, ‘The Concept of Ownership and the Relativity of Title’
  3. Andrew Burrows, ‘Challenges for Private Law in the 21st Century’
  4. ‘Rebirth of EU contract law proposal’
  5. ‘The new UK law on penalty clauses and European private law’
  6. ‘Proposal for a Common European Sales Law withdrawn’
  7. Graham Virgo, ‘Restitution and Unjust Enrichment in the Supreme Court: Reflections on Bank of Cyprus UK Ltd v Menelaou
  8. ‘The New Private Law – the View from Germany’
  9. ‘Most Cited Property Law Professors, 2011-2015’
  10. ‘Top 25 Most Cited Contract Law Articles Published in the Last 25 Years’
  11. Martin Dixon, ‘Confining and Defining Proprietary Estoppel: The Role of Unconscionability’
  12. ‘Brexit – Immediate Consequences on the London Judicial Market’
  13. Abdullah Aldmour, ‘The Role of Good Faith in the Pre-Contractual Responsibility in International Contracts: A Comparative Study between Common Law and Civil Law’
  14. Zhong Xing Tan, ‘Beyond the Real and the Paper Deal: The Quest for Contextual Coherence in Contractual Interpretation’
  15. ‘Marriages, Contracts, and Deals’
  16. Jan Smits, ‘Contract Law: A Comparative Introduction, Chapter 1′
  17. Hugh Beale, ‘Penalty Clauses in English Law’
  18. Mindy Chen-Wishart, ‘In Defence of Consideration’
  19. Nicholas McBride, Michael v Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2015] UKSC 2′
  20. Katy Barnett, ‘Equitable compensation and remoteness: not so remote from the common law after all’

and the most popular videos:

  1. Leonard Hoffmann, ‘Constitutionalism and Private Law’
  2. Jeremias Prassl, ‘Freedom of Contract in EU Law: from General Principle to Fundamental Right?’
  3. Timothy Endicott, ‘Interpretation and the Rule of Law’
  4. John Gardner, ‘How can moral philosophers benefit from grappling with private law issues?’
  5. ‘A symposium with Allan Beever at Newcastle Law School’
  6. Liam Murphy, ‘The Method Behind the Madness (2): Explaining Law and Philosophy’
  7. Hein Kötz, ‘Civil Justice Systems in Europe and the United States’
  8. Oren Bar-Gill ‘Consumer Psychology and Consumer Protection’
  9. Andrew Robertson, ‘The Assumption of Responsibility’
  10. Antony Duff, ‘Torts and Crimes’

On the supply side, the picture remains very varied. Some law publishers advertise current journal contents, others deliberately hide this from all but current subscribers, making new articles hard to publicise. As to online repositories, the leader in this area is still SSRN, though its recent acquisition by Elsevier has led to doubts as to its likely viability in that form (see eg comments by Thomas Leeper and Stephen Bainbridge).

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