Private Law Theory blog – Highlights of 2014

Readership continues to grow:  this year (so far) there have been 119,004 pageviews. 353 people subscribe by e-mail, maybe 100 more by RSS. A videos page was added in September.

Location of readers (by pageview): by country:

  1. US (26.7%)
  2. UK (16.1%)
  3. Canada (9.8%)
  4. Ireland (6.7%)
  5. Australia (5.5%)
  6. China (3.2%)
  7. Israel (2.6%)
  8. Netherlands (2.5%)
  9. South Korea (2.3%)
  10. Russia (2%)

and by city:

  1. London (5.9%)
  2. Washington (3.4%)
  3. Montreal (3.2%)
  4. Boston (3.2%)
  5. Dublin (2.6%)
  6. Oxford (2.3%)
  7. Toronto (2.2%)
  8. Seoul (2.1%)
  9. Hong Kong (1.9%)
  10. Kingston, Ontario (1.9%)


  1. Desktop (87%)
  2. Mobile (7%)
  3. Tablet (5%)


What attracted the most interest?

Top articles:

  1. ‘European Parliament adopts proposal for a Common European Sales Law’
  2. Larissa Katz, ‘The Concept of Ownership and the Relativity of Title’
  3. Daniel Klerman, ‘Economic Analysis of Legal History’
  4. Martin Dixon, ‘Confining and Defining Proprietary Estoppel: The Role of Unconscionability’
  5. ‘A Farewell to the bon père de famille’
  6. Michael Dennis, ‘Modernizing and harmonizing international contract law: the CISG and the Unidroit Principles continue to provide the best way forward’
  7. Ernest Weinrib, Corrective Justice (2012)
  8. Barbara McDonald, ‘Tort’s Role in Protecting Privacy: Current and Future Directions’
  9. William Swadling, ‘The Fiction of the Constructive Trust’
  10. Hanoch Dagan, ‘The Utopian Promise of Private Law’


Top books (published and forthcoming):

  1. Louise Gullifer and Stefan Vogenauer, English and European Perspectives on Contract and Commercial Law
  2. Lisa M Austin and Dennis Klimchuk (eds), Private Law and the Rule of Law
  3. Guido Comparato, Nationalism and Private Law in Europe
  4. Catherine Mitchell, Contract Law and Contract Practice: Bridging the Gap Between Legal Reasoning and Commercial Expectation
  5. James Lee, Legislation and Reform in the Law of Obligations
  6. Thomas Dietz, Global Order Beyond Law
  7. Sarah Green, Causation in Negligence
  8. Leone Niglia, The Struggle for European Private Law – A Critique of Codification
  9. Dorota Leczykiewicz, Judicial Reasoning in Tort Law – English and French Traditions Compared
  10. Kit Barker and Darryn Jensen (eds), Private Law: Key Encounters with Public Law


Top videos:

  1. John Gardner, ‘The relationship between personal life and private law’
  2. ‘A symposium with Professor Allan Beever at Newcastle Law School’
  3. Robert Stevens, ‘Causation and Contribution’
  4. Antony Duff, ‘Torts and Crimes’
  5. Ken Oliphant (‘Against Certainty’) and Donal Nolan (‘Deconstructing Duty’)
  6. ‘A Symposium in Honour of John McCamus – Panel I – Contract law’
  7. ‘Guido Calabresi: The Place of Torts in Law and Economics: The Significance of the Liability Rule’
  8. ‘A Symposium in Honour of John McCamus – Panel IV – Civil Liberties’
  9. John Gardner, ‘How can moral philosophers benefit from grappling with private law issues?’
  10. ‘Third Restatement of Torts: Negligence’


Top conferences/seminars (already held/upcoming):

  1. Moral Values and Private Law III (King’s London, June 2014)
  2. European Association of Law and Economics (Aix-en-Provence, September 2014)
  3. Obligations VII (Hong Kong, July 2014)
  4. Obligations VIII (Cambridge, July 2016)
  5. Compensation Culture, Comparative Tort Law Reform in the 21st Century (Limerick, May 2014)
  6. Foundations of Normativity (Edinburgh, March 2015)
  7. Society of Legal Scholars (Nottingham, September 2014)
  8. Virtues and Consumer Law (Amsterdam, June–July 2015)
  9. The European Court of Justice as ‘Creator’ of European Contract Law (Luxembourg, June 2014)
  10. Causal Relation in the Law of Obligations (King’s London, December 2014)


Hope to see you all in 2015!



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