Chris Reinders Folmer, ‘Getting Systematic on Legal Apology’

The place that apologies (should) occupy in law continues to stir up emotions in the Dutch legal literature. Apologies are seen in this discussion either as an essential means of meeting victims’ needs or as something that poses legal risks, and should not be legalized. Nevertheless, much is unclear about the role apologies actually play in Dutch legal practice. In her recent book, Lianne Wijntjens offers important insight into this question, within the realm of civil law and medical disciplinary law. In doing so, she answers important open questions for the legal scholarly discussion on this topic, and offers promising leads for legal practice. This book review highlights the merits of this important work, and unlocks its conclusions for an English-speaking audience.

Reinders Folmer, Chris, Getting Systematic on Legal Apology (June 1, 2022). English translation of: CP Reinders Folmer, ‘Systematisch kijken naar excuses in het recht’, Recht der Werkelijkheid, 2022 (1), 88-93, DOI 10.5553/RdW/138064242022043001007.

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