Gregory Alexander, ‘Hanoch Dagan and the Liberal Concept of Autonomy’

This article is a review essay on Hanoch Dagan’s new book, A Liberal Theory of Property. According to Dagan, the core of the liberal idea of property is personal autonomy. As Dagan reminds us, personal autonomy is a matter of self-authorship, or the ability to write and rewrite our own story. The idea of autonomy as self-authorship is familiar enough, but there are a number of different understandings of just what self-authorship itself entails. This article analyzes what conception of self-authorship Dagan appears to endorse. It concludes that Dagan’s version is substantive rather than procedural. Further, Dagan adopts a form of relational autonomy, in which non-subordination is the primary constraint the value menu available to autonomous agents.

Alexander, Gregory S, Hanoch Dagan and the Liberal Concept of Autonomy (June 10, 2022). Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No 22-24.

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