Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, ‘Discussion: Society, Private Law and Economic Constitution in the EU’

“… For the sake of the argument, I will use the rise of European private law as a benchmark and demonstrate how the EU is shaping or trying to shape a European Society through the making of private law. The scope of the analysis is however restricted: it does not deal with citizen rights or with the relationship between democracy and the economy. This would be a different contribution, even if there is some overlapping when theories are invoking ‘economic democracy’ as a model type. In order to avoid confusion with underlying concepts, I will be using ‘European Society’ throughout the text …”

Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Discussion: Society, Private Law and Economic Constitution in the EU in The Idea of Economic Constitution in Europe: Genealogy and Overview, Brill / Nijhoff, May 2022, 380-424, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004519350_014.

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