Review Symposium: Hanoch Dagan’s A Liberal Theory of Property (International Journal of Law in Context)

Individual autonomy and takings in a liberal theory of property (David Dana)

Distributing the costs of change: property transitions and pacts (Rachael Walsh)

Hanoch Dagan and the liberal concept of autonomy (Gregory S Alexander)

Review of Hanoch Dagan, A Liberal Theory of Property (Cathy Sherry)

A Liberal Theory of Property in condominium (Douglas C Harris)

On the chances of structural pluralism in the liberal theory of property (Marija Bartl)

Does Dagan’s liberal theory of property provide for compensation at nil compensation in the South African context? (Elmien du Plessis)

The ambitions of liberal property (Hanoch Dagan)


International Journal of Law in Context Volume 18 – Issue 2 – June 2022

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