Price, Gerke and Cohen, ‘Liability for Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine’

While artificial intelligence has substantial potential to improve medical practice, errors will certainly occur, sometimes resulting in injury. Who will be liable? Questions of liability for AI-related injury raise not only immediate concerns for potentially liable parties, but also broader systemic questions about how AI will be developed and adopted. The landscape of liability is complex, involving health-care providers and institutions and the developers of AI systems. In this chapter, we consider these three principal loci of liability: individual health-care providers, focused on physicians; institutions, focused on hospitals; and developers.

Price II, William Nicholson and Gerke, Sara and Cohen, I Glenn, Liability for Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (May 20, 2022) in Research Handbook on Health, AI and the Law, Barry Solaiman and I Glenn Cohen, eds, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd (dorthcoming 2023).

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