Akshat Agrawal, ‘Copyright and its “‘Hard Case”: Musings from the “Kacha Badam” Controversy’

In this piece, I discuss my dilemmas from the Kacha Badam Controversy. The first part covers my thoughts on the delusion that this whole controversy has produced and the need to revamp its factual narrative. The second part shall cover my thoughts on the hard case that this factual narrative exposes – something I cannot really grapple with yet. The third part brainstorms thoughts on resolving this hard case. And finally, the fourth part will, in the backdrop of these three parts, discuss an amazing paper by Prof Alpana Roy titled – ‘Copyright: a colonial doctrine in a post-colonial age’ and how her thesis has an important role to play in figuring out or rather even further complicating this hard case.

Agrawal, Akshat, Copyright and its ‘Hard Case’: Musings from the ‘Kacha Badam’ Controversy (April 19, 2022).

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