Jessy Emaus, ‘Introduction to the Case Note on the Right to Be Forgotten’

“In 1890, during the second industrial revolution, Warren and Brandeis argued that the time had come to acknowledge a right to privacy. In their pioneering article they paid attention to mechanical inventions and business methods calling attention to ‘the next step’ to be taken in order to protect the person and to secure the right to be left alone. ‘Instantaneous photographs’ and ‘newspaper enterprise’ had intruded into private lives and it was feared that numerous devices would make the prediction that ‘what is whispered in the closet shall be proclaimed from the house-tops’ a reality. Warren and Brandeis noticed that up until then privacy had been protected by means of contractual relationships and property rights and that these legal constructs could not provide adequate protection for new kinds of intrusions …”

Jessy Emaus, Introduction to the Case Note on the Right to Be Forgotten, European Review of Private Law, volume 30, issue 2 (2022) pp 235-240.

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