Pinar Oruc, Review of Intellectual and Cultural Property: Between Market and Community by Fiona Macmillan

“The field of cultural heritage already suffers from vague definitions. The artificial distinctions between tangible/intangible, movable/immovable, and cultural heritage/natural heritage are rooted in both the law and the literature around cultural heritage. The legal instruments that are meant to help the preservation either focus too much on the treatment of movables or suggest inventory-making practices that freeze otherwise dynamic heritage in time. If we look at the practice, as a result of past armed conflicts and colonialism, many cultural artefacts are held in ‘universal’ museums, away from the communities that created them, and rarely returned to where they belong …”

Pinar Oruc, Intellectual and Cultural Property: Between Market and Community. Fiona Macmillan. London: Routledge, 2021, 232 pp, £36.99, Journal of Law and Society, First published 5 May.

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