Contract in Crisis (special number of Law and and Contemporary Problems)

Introduction: Covid, Contract, and Crises (Jonathan C Lipson and Rachel R Rebouché)

Retrospective Risk Allocation (Aditi Bagchi)

Health Crises and the Limited Role of Contract Law (Robert A Hillman)

A Comment on Hillman, ‘Health Crises’ (David A Hoffman)

COVID Concerns: Some Realism About Equitable Relief (Brian H Bix)

The Limits of Public Contract Law (Anthony J Casey and Anthony Niblett)

A Comment on Casey and Niblett, ‘The Limits of Public Contract Law’ (Cathy Hwang)

Between Rights and Rites: The Ironies of Crisis and Contract (Jeffrey M Lipshaw)

The Price of Cheeky Contracting (Paolo Colla and Mitu Gulati)

A Comment on Colla and Gulati, ‘Cheeky Contracting’ (Tess Wilkinson-Ryan)

The Potential Legal Value of Relational Contracts in a Time of Crisis or Uncertainty (Joan MacLeod Heminway)

Prosocial Contracts: Making Relational Contracts More Relational (Sarah Dadush)

Protecting the Pandemic Essential Worker (Mechele Dickerson)

Steering Loan Modifications Post-Pandemic (Pamela Foohey, Dalié Jiménez, and Christopher K Odinet)

A Comment on Foohey et al, ‘Steering Loan Modifications Post-Pandemic’ (Susan Block-Lieb)

Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach (Martha M Ertman)

Contracting for Process (David V Snyder)

A Comment on Snyder, ‘Contracting for Process’ (Larry T Garvin)

The Transactional Dynamic of Market Fragility (Matthew Jennejohn)


Law and and Contemporary Problems volume 85, issue 2 (2022)

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