Oluwatobiloba Amure, ‘Intellectual Property: A Hoax or Dinkum Oil’

The infusion of the word ‘property’ in an intangible term has caused several controversies over the years since its origination and use in a legal decision in 1845. Some believe that curbing the different terms listed under intellectual property into one term has induced a ‘terrible intellectual error: facile and misleading overgeneralisation’. Another school of thought believes that it shouldn’t even exist at all as it is unnecessary in the society. Others believe the term is appropriate and necessary for this growing technological world. These varying controversies shall be addressed in this article. This article seeks to discuss the meaning of the word ‘property’ as it relates to intellectual property, the meaning and types, its misconceptions ,what it seek to protect and its relevance in the world today.

Amure, Oluwatobiloba, Intellectual Property: A Hoax or Dinkum Oil (March 25, 2022).

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