Despotović and Maksimović, ‘The Origin of the Civil Law Codification in Europe’

Codification represents the regulation of a certain field (branch) of law by a comprehensive law called the Code (the Civil Code, Criminal Code, etc). The success of codification depends on two very important conditions: the first one refers to the existence of a dedicated authority, and the second one concerns its implementation in a great country. For the purpose of research, there will be selected the national legislations in order to demonstrate, through various legal systems, how civil codes regulating the field of civil law were originated. Within the scope of this paper, in more detail, we are going to analyze the selected national legislations of France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Despotović, Danijela, and Maksimović, Sanja, The Origin of the Civil Law Codification in Europe, Pravo – Teorija I Praksa, 39(1), 45-57 (2022), Published 8 April.

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