Just Published: Taking Law Seriously – Essays in Honour of Peter Cane (Goudkamp, Lunney and McDonald eds)

James Goudkamp, Mark Lunney and Leighton McDonald, Taking Law Seriously – Essays in Honour of Peter Cane. Published 27 January 2022, 392pp. ISBN 9781509940721. Hart Publishing.

1. Tort Law Beyond the Forms of Action: Achieving the Goal of The Anatomy of Tort Law (Christine Beuermann)

2. Elements of Torts (James Goudkamp)

3. Culpability and Compensation (Sandy Steel)

4. Peter Cane on Torts (Stephen D Sugarman)

5. Constitutional Rights, Moral Judgement, and the Rule of Law (TRS Allan)

6. Participation and the Duty to Consult (Janet McLean)

7. Controlling Administration: The Rise of Unilateral Executive Power in the United States (Jerry L Mashaw)

8. Administrative Compensation: Bypass or Dead End? (Carol Harlow)

9. Tort and Regulation (Donal Nolan)

10. Regulating Relationships: The Regulatory Potential of Tort Law Revisited (Jenny Steele)

11. Thinking about Doctrine in Administrative Law (Leighton McDonald)

12. Administrative Tribunals: An Essay about the Legal Imagination of Administrative Law Scholars (Elizabeth Fisher)

13. Cane as Law Reformer: Gotterdamerung or House of Cards? (Mark Lunney)

14. Philosophical and Judicial Thinking about Moral Concepts: Cane’s Critique of Philosophical Method 20 Years On (Anthony J Connolly)

List of Peter Cane’s Publications

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