Andreas, Armgardt and Gunther, ‘Counterfactuals for causal responsibility in legal contexts’

We define a formal semantics of conditionals based on normatively ideal worlds. Such worlds are described informally by Armgardt (Gabbay D, Magnani L, Park W, Pietarinen A-V (eds), Natural arguments: a tribute to John Woods, College Publications, London, pp 699-708, 2018) to address well-known problems of the counterfactual approach to causation. Drawing on Armgardt’s proposal, we use iterated conditionals in order to analyse causal relations in scenarios of multi-agent interaction. This results in a refined counterfactual approach to causal responsibility in legal contexts, which solves overdetermination problems in an intuitively accessible manner.

Holger Andreas, Matthias Armgardt and Mario Gunther, Counterfactuals for causal responsibility in legal contexts, Artificial Intelligence and Law (2022), Published 24 January.

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