‘Case Comment: FS Cairo (Nile Plaza) LLC v Brownlie [2021] UKSC 45′

“On 20 October 2021, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in FS Cairo (Nile Plaza) LLC v Brownlie [2021] UKSC 45. The two issues on appeal were: (i) whether Lady Brownlie’s claims in tort passed through the gateway in paragraph 3.1(9)(a), CPR Practice Direction 6B (the ‘tort gateway’), in that ‘damage was sustained … within the jurisdiction’ so as to allow service to be effected on FS Cairo, a foreign defendant (the ‘tort gateway question’); and (ii) whether Lady Brownlie could rely on English law or must adduce evidence of Egyptian law in showing that her claims (both in contract and in tort) had a reasonable prospect of success (the ‘foreign law question’) …” (more)

[Maxie Chopard, UK Supreme Court Blog, 14 January]

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