‘The Roberts Court’s Legacy in Class Action Jurisprudence’

Richard D Freer, ‘The Roberts Court and Class Litigation: Revolution, Evolution, and Work to be Done’, 51 Stetson Law Review (forthcoming 2022), available on SSRN. The rise in class action litigation has garnered significant scholarly and judicial attention over the past several decades, particularly in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States under Chief Justice Roberts is perceived to be wary of, if not hostile to, class actions. A new paper by Richard Freer sheds light on the precise ways the Roberts Court has affected class action jurisprudence. The Court has released an average of more than two class action decisions a year since 2010, and in so doing, has revolutionized class action practice. Freer offers a retrospective on three areas of jurisprudence that makes plain the important role the Roberts Court has played in class actions, especially over the past decade … (more)

[Jasminka Kalajdzic, JOTWELL, 10 January]

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