Cyrielle Gauvin, ‘Art of copyright: how to protect artworks?’

Art and Copyright, 3rd Edition Simon Stokes (ed), Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021, ISBN: 9781509934270, hard cover, pp 336. Art and Copyright by Simon Stokes, solicitor and partner at Blake Morgan, is one of the major books devoted to artists’ rights and the protection of artistic works under UK copyright law. This publication aims to explore the relationship between art and copyright, with a focus on visual and fine arts. Although the title refers solely to copyright, Simon Stokes briefly but very helpfully discusses other legal protections that artists may invoke to prevent the unlawful use of their creations, such as trade marks or breach of confidence, insofar as they relate to fine art …

Cyrielle Gauvin, Art of copyright: how to protect artworks?, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, Published: 22 December 2021.

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