Sjef van Erp, ‘All good things come to an end, but access remains’

Property law, which aims to legally regulate the relations between one person and a considerable and relevant group of other persons regarding a thing, is being confronted with several fundamental changes. These changes not only occur in our physical world, but also happen because we are creating a new digital world around us. In the physical world we see climate change and, partly caused by this, mass migration, next to the negative aspects of globalisation, such as pandemics. At the same time we do not just live anymore only in a physical world, but also in a digital world. Which are the consequences of these developments when we look at the world around us through the lens of property law, more particularly: ownership? What are, in fact, ‘my’ data? What we mean is no longer the most complete right over a physical thing, but gaining access to incorporeal data. Access as the new ownership.

van Erp, Sjef, All good things come to an end, but access remains (September 23, 2021), Wolf Legal Publishers, Oisterwijk, Netherlands, 2021.

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