‘Fair Housing for a Non-Sexist Household’

Noah M Kazis, ‘Fair Housing for a Non-Sexist City’, 134 Harvard Law Review 1684 (2021). Noah Kazis opens his new article ‘Fair Housing for a Non-Sexist City’ with an ambitious question: ‘What would a non-sexist city be like?’ (p 1684). America’s ‘built environment’, Kazis explains, is a stubbornly sexist one (p 1687). Examples abound. Women – as both child-care users and child-care workers – are economically burdened because of land use restrictions on in-home day care in residential areas (pp 1710-20). Men – as the predominant users of economically-desirable shared housing models – are rendered homeless because of building code and zoning restrictions on single room occupancy units (pp 1720-35) … (more)

[Courtney Cahill, JOTWELL, 11 October]

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