‘Striking Labor Law’s Economic/Political Divide’

Diana S Reddy, ‘“There Is No Such Thing as an Illegal Strike”: Reconceptualizing the Strike in Law and Political Economy’, 130 Yale Law Journal Forum 421 (2021). Amidst summer 2020’s momentous uprisings, a terminological tempest briefly arose over what counted as a ‘strike’. In the wake of a police attack on Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI, the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, followed quickly by a host of professional athletes, collectively refused to work in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and in protest of anti-Black state violence. Many commentators eschewed the word ‘strike’ on the ground that the actions, like Colin Kaepernick’s and other athletes’ earlier national anthem protests, were ‘political’ in nature, not focused on the ‘economic’ relationship between the workers and their own employer … (more)

[Noah Zatz, JOTWELL, 29 September]

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