Andrew Burrows, ‘Judgment-Writing: A Personal Perspective’

“This is an updated version of a paper I presented at a seminar for the judiciary in the Royal Courts of Justice in December 2013 entitled ‘Judgment-Writing: An Academic Perspective’. As that title indicates, I was asked at that seminar to examine the question, what are legal academics looking for in a good judgment? At the time, I was Professor of the Law of England at the University of Oxford. Since then, I have written many judgments as a Deputy High Court Judge and, from June 2020, as a Justice of the Supreme Court. In so doing, I have been able to test out in practice some of the ideas that I there put forward …” (more)

Lord Burrows (Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom), ‘Judgment-Writing: A Personal Perspective’, Annual Conference of Judges of the Superior Courts in Ireland, 20 May 2021.

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