Private Law Theory blog – the second year

This blog went live on 3 September 2011, and since then there have been 1,055 posts. In this past year there have been 42,074 pageviews (about 115 per day), comprising 24,617 visits from 9,840 unique visitors. 49% are referred from Google, 36% come direct, 2% are from Bing, the remainder from a variety of referrers. 90% were from desktop machines, 10% from mobiles and tablets. Visitors were from across the world, notably from the UK (16%), the US (12%), Canada (10%), Ireland (10%), Australia (7%), Russia (6%), South Korea (4%), South Africa (3%), Italy (3%) and Israel (3%). The most common cities were:

  1. Cork
  2. London, England
  3. Montreal
  4. Seoul
  5. Kingston, Canada
  6. Oxford
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Moscow
  9. Capetown
  10. Sydney

The most popular posts over the year were:

  1. Conference: The Common Law of Obligations: Divergence and Convergence – Hong Kong, 16-18 July 2014
  2. Anat Rosenberg, ‘Classical Contract Law, Past and Present’
  3. James Koessler, ‘Is There Room for the Trust in a Civil Law System? The French and Italian Perspectives’
  4. Conference: Moral Values and Private Law II, King’s College London, 13-14 December 2012
  5. Preston and McCann, ‘Llewellyn Slept Here: A Short History of Sticky Contracts and Feudalism’
  6. Call for papers – Obligations VII – University of Hong Kong 16-18 July 2014
  7. Larissa Katz, ‘The Concept of Ownership and the Relativity of Title’
  8. Ernest Weinrib, Corrective Justice (2012)
  9. Alexander and Ferzan, ‘Confused Culpability, Contrived Causation, and the Collapse of Tort Theory’
  10. Martin Dixon, ‘Confining and Defining Proprietary Estoppel: The Role of Unconscionability’

It’s been a good year – which of course can only happen because there is plenty of good material being written. Keep it up!

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