‘Bringing Data to Firm Successions’

“It was perhaps inevitable that the popular success of the HBO series, Succession, might, in turn, help stimulate scholarly attention to related associated questions. As it relates to critical questions germane to ‘family firms” stock and accounting performances, the general thrust in the academic literature, while mixed, trends in a negative direction. In ‘Do Family Successions (Really) Reduce Firm Performance? Evidence from Large US Firms’, Murali Jagannathan (SUNY Binghamton-, management) et al, take a fresh look with the benefit of a large dataset that includes ‘48,613 firm-years in 3,745 unique firms. Within our dataset, there are 683 total founder or founder-family successions, including 124 instances where the founder was succeeded by a family member’ …” (more)

[Michael Heise, Empirical Legal Studies, 2 August]

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