Recent Hart books – discount announcements

Smart Contracts: Technological, Business and Legal Perspectives edited by Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Mark Fenwick and Stefan Wrbka. June 2021, 9781509937028, 216pp. Discount Price: £68.

New Directions in European Private Law, edited by Takis Tridimas and Mateja Durovic. June 2021, 9781509935611, 264pp. Discount Price: £68.

Punishment and Private Law edited by Elise Bant, Wayne Courtney, James Goudkamp and Jeannie Paterson. July 2021, 9781509939152, 448pp. Discount Price: £80.

Order online at – use the code UG7 at the checkout to get 20% off your order.

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