Edward Ti, ‘Of Landlords and Tenants: Property in the Midst of a Pandemic’

This is an unprecedented Bill to deal with an unprecedented crisis. Over the coming months, every aspect of the way that we do things in Britain will come under strain. As in wartime, we will have to change the way that we do things, and when it is all over things will not revert to business as usual. Some things will have changed forever, and the way that we do business here will assuredly fall into that category. I am sure that everyone in your Lordships’ House wishes the Government well as they grapple with coronavirus. But democracies never give the Executive a blank cheque. As a Parliament, we must retain our critical faculties and, if we do so, it will help the Government and the country to get through this crisis together (Hansard House of Lords Debates, volume 802, column 1659, 24 March 2020).

Edward S W Ti, Of Landlords and Tenants: Property in the Midst of a Pandemic, Statute Law Review, https://doi.org/10.1093/slr/hmab018. Published: 1 July 2021.

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