‘Nuisance, and Covenants, and Zoning, Oh My!’

Maureen E Brady, ‘Turning Neighbors Into Nuisances’, 134 Harvard Law Review 1609 (2021). She has done it again! With her new article, ‘Turning Neighbors into Nuisances’, Professor Molly Brady once more takes us back into history to enrich our current understanding of property concepts. Three years ago, I wrote a Jot about Professor Brady’s article, ‘The Damagings Clauses’. That introduction to her work has vastly informed my scholarship on eminent domain and inverse condemnation and I again recommend it to you. In addition, among several other articles, Brady published a piece in 2019, ‘The Forgotten History of Metes and Bounds’, which contains a compelling history of this method of property demarcation and the social functions it served to encourage development … (more)

[Shelley Ross Saxer, JOTWELL, 10 May]

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