Hanoch Dagan, ‘Two Visions of Contract’

Justice in Transactions: A Theory of Contract. By Peter Benson. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 2019. Pp xii, 610. $85. Contract is one of the most fundamental legal concepts and one of the basic building blocks of our social and economic life. Contract theory must therefore be attentive both to the defining features of contract as a legal construct and to the conceptions of the person and of our interpersonal relationships on which they rely. In his ambitious book, Justice in Transactions: A Theory of Contract Law, Peter Benson offers such an account of contract. Justice in Transactions carefully examines a variety of contract doctrines from formation to enforcement and defends a normative vision of the parties and their relation …” (more)

Hanoch Dagan, ‘Two Visions of Contract’, 119 Michigan Law Review 1247 (2021).

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