David Dowling, ‘The Role of the Company in the Time of Covid-19’

The Covid-19 virus and the resulting pandemic have caused tragic loss of life and suffering. As countries have tried to lower the infection rate they have been forced to shut down large swathes of their economies. The necessary but self-imposed hardship has impacted everyone in society, albeit not equally. Much of the commentary on Covid-19 has focused on how the pandemic has accelerated existing underlying trends. This article will argue that a similar process is taking place in relation to attitudes towards the company and its role in society, focusing on the UK. These changes are not necessarily part of a single, consistent set of policy decisions. Instead, they reflect broader, pre-existing changes in society and our assumptions about the interaction between profit and purpose. The actions taken by the Government are based (whether consciously or not) on the principle that companies are not purely private assets but instead agents for positive change …

David Dowling, The Role of the Company in the Time of Covid-19, King’s Law Journal, Volume 32, 2021 – Issue 1, https://doi-org.ucc.idm.oclc.org/10.1080/09615768.2021.1888446. Published online: 30 April 2021.

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