Recently published: New Private Law Theory: A Pluralist Approach (Grundmann, Micklitz and Renner)

New Private Law Theory opens a new pathway to private law theory through a pluralistic approach. Such a theory needs a broad and stable foundation, which the authors have built here through a canon of nearly seventy texts of reference. This book brings these different texts from different disciplines into conversation with each other, grouping them around central questions of private law and at the same time integrating them with the legal doctrinal analysis of example cases. This book will be accessible to both experienced and early career scholars working on private law.

Stefan Grundmann, Hans Micklitz and Moritz Renner, New Private Law Theory: A Pluralist Approach, Cambridge University Press (18 March 2021), 600 pp. ISBN-10: 1108486509. ISBN-13: 978-1108486507.

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