Upasana Borah, ‘Legal Research Methodology and Copyright Law’

As contributors of legal fraternity judges, lawyers, academicians, researchers and college students constantly have interaction in prison studies and writing, the prison researchers and writers play a double function of their educational exercising as each creators and customers of copyrighted materials. It means, they’ve rights and obligations in regards to copyright regulation. The gift article analyzes the copyright troubles worried in studies and examines the methods via way of means of which the educational authors have to protect themselves from the expenses of copyright infringement and plagiarism. Doctrinal legal studies methodology, additionally called ‘black letter’ methodology, makes a speciality of the letter of the regulation instead of the regulation in action. Using this method, a researcher composes a descriptive and distinctive evaluation of prison regulations determined in number one sources (cases, statutes, or regulations)

Borah, Upasana, Legal Research Methodology and Copyright Law (March 29, 2020).

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