‘Irish Defamation Laws: an All-Island approach’

“Long awaited and overdue reviews of defamation laws in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are expected to gather pace in the coming months, creating an opportunity to better align the jurisdictions’ approaches to reputational harm. Allegations travel especially quickly across a small, shared, borderless island such as Ireland. As the saying goes, ‘a lie can travel around the world while the truth is lacing up its boots’. The cultural, social, and commercial links between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland make that journey considerably easier. Means of stopping it, however, differ and publishers operating on both sides of the border are increasingly being forced to grapple with the nuances between the two regimes …” (more)

[Kenan Furlong, Nicholas Cole, Ciaran O’Shiel and Christina Moran, Inforrm’s Blog, 10 April]

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