‘Remembering Hershel Shanks (1930-2021) and the Dead Sea Scrolls copyright case: As relevant as ever’

“If there is a place in the world to come for iconic copyright disputes, then surely the 1990’s Israeli case of Kimron v Shanks, better known as the Dead Sea Scrolls case, will enjoy permanent tenancy. This Kat was reminded of it when he read that Hershel Shanks, the chief defendant in that dispute, here and here, passed away recently at the age of 90. For a generation of Kat readers who may be less familiar with the case (and even for those who are), Shanks’ death is an opportune time to recall the underlying challenge posed by the judgment, namely, what happens when copyright law rests uneasily along aside scholarship and research …” (more)

[Neil Wilkof, The IPKat, 8 April]

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