‘From the Ivory Tower to the Judicial Trenches: Are We Bridging the Divide?’

Brian T Detweiler, ‘May It Please the Court: A Longitudinal Study of Judicial Citation to Academic Legal Periodicals’, 39 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 87 (2020). Most in legal academia would consider citation of their law review article in a judicial opinion an honor. However, most probably also remember Chief Justice Roberts’ 2011 comment that an article about ‘the influence of Immanuel Kant on evidentiary approaches in Eighteenth Century Bulgaria or something … isn’t of much help to the bar’. The Chief Justice’s comment may leave you wondering how often judicial opinions have cited law review articles and what factors might make your article into a rare unicorn. Mr. Detweiler answers these questions and more in … (more)

[Kristina Niedringhaus, JOTWELL, 6 April]

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