‘Transparency in the Digital Environment’: special number of Critical Analysis of Law

Transparency has emerged as a normatively attractive concept in ethical and legal debates about automated decision-making, data protection, platform governance, and artificial intelligence, among others. Guest-edited by Ida Koivisto (University of Helsinki, Law), this special issue on Transparency in the Digital Environment explores the question whether transparency, instead of offering a solution to the problems of the so-called black box society, turns out to be one of its problems. Join the contributors to this special issue for a livestreamed online conference on May 7, 2021 at uoft.me/transparency.

Transparency in the Digital Environment (Ida Koivisto)

Three Sides of the Same Coin: Datafied Transparency, Biometric Surveillance, and Algorithmic Governmentalities (Oana B Albu and Hans Krause Hansen)

A ‘Public’ Journey Through COVID-19: Donald Trump, Twitter, and the Secrecy of US Presidents’ Health (Mark Fenster)

Algorithmic Transparency and Explainability for EU Consumer Protection: Unwrapping the Regulatory Premises (Mateusz Grochowski, Agnieszka Jabłonowska, Francesca Lagioia and Giovanni Sartor)

The Digital Rear Window: Epistemologies of Digital Transparency (Ida Koivisto)

Crafting Digital Transparency: Implementing Legal Values into Algorithmic Design (Riikka Koulu)

Notified But Unaware: Third-Party Tracking Online (Stefan Larsson, Anders Jensen-Urstad and Fredrik Heintz)

Transparent Dreams (Are Made of This): Counterfactuals as Transparency Tools in ADM (Katja de Vries)

‘Transparency Washing’ in the Digital Age: A Corporate Agenda of Procedural Fetishism (Monika Zalnieriute)


Critical Analysis of Law Vol 8 No 1 (2021), published: 2021-04-03

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