Francisco de Elizalde, ‘Control of Price Related Terms in Standard Form Contracts: Spain’

The purpose of this paper is to analyse whether Private law could determine the fate of the Circular Economy. The article will first assess the legal relationship that the service creates between the supplier and the consumer. This relationship establishes a contractual bond in which the quality of performance is at stake. Next, the paper moves on to the complex proprietary consequences of the service, an issue that is aggravated in the context of real estate. The erga omnes effects of property rights justify the chapter’s focus on the supplier-customer relationship but also on the interaction of third parties with the goods deployed in the service. Lastly, the article addresses an issue that affects both the contracting parties and third parties: non-performance and insolvency.

de Elizalde, Francisco, Control of Price Related Terms in Standard Form Contracts: Spain (2020). Working Paper IE Law School, AJ8-255-I, 2020.

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