‘After Uber: Purposive Interpretation and the Future of Contract’

“The Uber BV v Aslam [2021] UKSC 5 (‘Uber (SC)’) judgment from the Supreme Court represents the final chapter in the long-running saga of determining the employment status of drivers who provided trips to passengers via the Uber app. As highlighted by Valerio De Stefano, the finding that the drivers must be classed as workers is part of a wider trend of decisions rejecting arguments that platform workers fall outside the regulatory scope of employment law. This blog considers key aspects of the Supreme Court’s reasoning, relating to the ‘purposive approach’ and the role of contractual documentation in determining employment status, as well as some of the practical consequences of the judgment for workers …” (more)

[Joe Atkinson and Hitesh Dhorajiwala, UK Labour Law, 1 April]

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