Isaac Freckleton, Landmark Cases in Defamation Law (David Rolph ed)

Landmark Cases in Defamation Law. Edited by David Rolph. [Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2019. xxviii + 250 pp. Hardback £70.00. ISBN 978-1-50991-674-0.] If today a celebrity discovers a picture of her face superimposed on a sex model, she may turn in her upset to the laws of privacy and copyright to get the obscene image removed and to receive some form of reparation. Not that long ago two victims of such depravity issued a claim in libel instead. Why did they turn to defamation; how did their case affect the law of defamation; what alternative effect could it have had? These are the sort of interesting questions explored by Landmark Cases in Defamation Law … (more)

Isaac Freckleton, Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 80, Issue 1, March 2021, pp 191-194, DOI:

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