Boilerplate Symposium Part XVI: Guy Rub on Market Solutions to the Boilerplate Problem

“Those who have not read Professor Radin’s book, Boilerplate, might be tempted to believe that they are fully familiar with the problem of boilerplate provisions in standard form agreements. While the problem of consumers who accept agreements they did not read is well documented, Radin’s masterpiece is so comprehensive, and analyzes the issues that boilerplate provisions raise so thoroughly, and in many instances from a novel angle, that it makes us stop and re-think about this reality and its implications. The reader is challenged to reconsider the effects of these standardize arrangements on our democratic process, our autonomy, and our legal system as a whole. One of the strengths of the book, and there are many of them, is that while it identifies and lucidly analyzes these problems it also acknowledges some of the advantages of mass-market standard form agreements and therefore includes a broad discussion of possible remedies to the identified problems. One such suggested remedy is a market solution …” (more)

[ContractsProf Blog, 29 May]

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