Linda Radzik, Review of Goldberg and Zipursky, Recognizing Wrongs

Goldberg, John CP, and Zipursky, Benjamin C, Recognizing Wrongs. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2020. Pp 392. $45.00 (cloth). John Goldberg and Benjamin Zipursky have written together about tort law for more than two decades, defending a view known as civil recourse theory. In this excellent new book, they present a comprehensive and ambitious development of their theory of torts, which builds on the fundamental claim that torts are wrongs. They address not only the function of tort law (which is the topic of the civil recourse theory) but also the political theory that supports that view, the kinds of wrongs that count as torts, and the methodology for adjudicating tort cases. The book interweaves defenses of their own views with insightful interpretations of the historical development of both the practice and the theory of torts. Helpful analyses of landmark cases are provided throughout … (more)

Ethics volume 131 number 3 (April 2021).

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