‘Did You Know That You’re Paying Part of the Cost of My Car?’

Gregory H Shill, ‘Should Law Subsidize Driving?’, 95 New York University Law Review 498 (2020). Professor Gregory H Shill’s recent article, ‘Should Law Subsidize Driving?’, reminds us of the hidden costs of driving that are borne, largely unrecognized, by the public. When most people consider the costs of owning a car, they factor in typical expenses such as monthly loan or lease payments, insurance, maintenance, and gas. They probably do not consider other costs that are less directly related to their automobile ownership, including the construction and maintenance expense for public roadways, the negative effects their vehicles have on pedestrians and cyclists, and the health impacts of their tailpipe emissions … (more)

[Gregory M Stein, JOTWELL, 10 March]

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