J Janewa OseiTutu, ‘IP in the African Union: Opportunities for New Discourse?’

The African Union (AU) has embarked on the important process of creating intellectual property (IP) law and policy for the African continent. As this book chapter explains, it is difficult to decipher a coherent approach to the AU’s IP policy for Africa. However, there are some common themes in the AU documents that should help shape its pan-African IP framework, including under the recently concluded African Continental Free Trade Area. Analyzing the AU materials, the chapter concludes that the AU has an opportunity to create and implement IP policies that support human development and human flourishing on the continent.

OseiTutu, Julia Janewa, IP in the African Union: Opportunities for New Discourse? (March 1, 2021) in Intellectual Property Law and Access to Medicines: TRIPS Agreement, Health and Pharmaceuticals (Sri Ragavan and Amaka Vanni, eds forthcoming, Routledge 2021), Florida International University Legal Studies Research Paper No 21-06.

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