Trautman, Butler, Chang, Hooper, McCray and Simmons, ‘Corporate Directors: Who They Are, What They Do, Cyber Risk and Other Challenges’

Recently, professors Bebchuk, Kastiel, Tallarita, Strine, Rock and others have continued the ‘fundamental and heated debate about the purpose that corporations should serve, an increasingly influential “stakeholderism” view advocates giving corporate leaders the discretionary power to serve all stakeholders and not just shareholders. Supporters of stakeholderism argue … address[ing] growing concerns about … [the impact] on society and the environment’. Elsewhere, professors Roe, Spamann, Fried, and Wang, critique the 2020 European Commission report, ‘Study on directors’ duties and sustainable corporate governance’.

On November 9, 2020, six experienced corporate governance professionals gathered to discuss the duties and responsibilities of corporate directors and contemporary challenges, including: cyber risk; pandemic; and diversity. Sponsored by the Business Law Association of Prairie View A&M University, our article results from that effort and is augmented with relevant scholarship citations where appropriate to assist the reader who is interested in more information …

Trautman, Lawrence J and Butler, Seletha R and Chang, Frederick and Hooper, Michele and McCray, Ron and Simmons, Ruth, Corporate Directors: Who They Are, What They Do, Cyber Risk and Other Challenges (February 24, 2021).

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