Alyssa DiRusso, ‘Micro-Lawyering and Simulations in Trusts and Estates Courses’

This article provides a description of the microlawyering and simulation exercises I use in my three trusts and estates courses. An ideal exposure to trusts and estates practice is gained through microlawyering – a term I use to mean small-scale, real legal experiences. In addition to microlawyering, simulations offer students the opportunity to develop skills in a practice-like context. Unbound by the restrictions of real legal practice, simulations are remarkably flexible and well-suited to a variety of classes. Like microlawyering, simulations illustrate the importance of learning to do and not just to think. They can be critical in not only providing experience and feedback in a safe setting, but in developing confidence in nascent lawyers.

DiRusso, Alyssa A, Micro-Lawyering and Simulations in Trusts and Estates Courses (2014). St Louis University Law Journal, volume 58, 2014.

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