‘In Search of Health Law Coherence’

Gabriel Scheffler, ‘The Dynamism of Health Law: Expanded Insurance Coverage As the Engine of Regulatory Reform’, 10 UC Irvine Law Review 729 (2020). Health law is complicated, unruly, and maybe even incoherent. It lacks a simple universally understood narrative of what, exactly, it is. On top of this complicated foundation, legal and policy reforms have taken effect over recent years with dizzying speed, only to be challenged, carved back, or reversed in later years. Annually, it seems that the whole field of health law hinges on some major case or dramatic legislative effort. The previous year’s class syllabus is never reusable. And it has even humbled our president, as he recently told us what we all already knew: it is unbelievably complex … (more)

[Zack Buck, JOTWELL, 28 January]

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