Ebner and Rainey, ‘ODR and Mediation’

Online mediation had been spreading rapidly as a mode of practice, even before the entire profession shifted online during the COVID-19 era. In this chapter, Ebner and Rainey survey the development of online mediation within the wider context of the growth of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). The chapter presents a snapshot of the field’s status quo with respect to stakeholders, modes of communication and the technology utilized, and addresses substantive and process issues in online mediation: mediation process models, stages and issues; practitioner skills; professional issues; ethics, and practitioner standards.

Ebner, Noam and Rainey, Daniel, ODR and Mediation (January 8, 2021) in Rainey, D, Katsh, E and Abdel Wahab, A (forthcoming), Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice (2nd ed). Eleven International Publishing.

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