Mohammad Towhidul Islam and Md Habib, ‘Intellectual Property Perspectives of Women’s Traditional Knowledge in Bangladesh’

This paper claims that, though the mass commercialization of traditional knowledge-goods have brought positive changes to the lives of millions of poor female artisans, misappropriation of traditional ingenuity by giant dealers and middlemen have also thwarted huge potentials including exploitation of economic returns of intellectual property of the traditional artists. The paper has found, through the value chain of traditional knowledge-based goods eg handicrafts, intermediaries ride-on the intellectual property of the female artisans on the ground. While generally giving in to the proposition that TK could not be protected under intellectual property, this paper cites some models for protection of traditional ingenuity within the rubrics of intellectual property and TK. This paper concludes with a demand of equitable benefit sharing by the intermediaries and buyers unless they acknowledge the intellectual property rights of the traditional artisans.

Islam, Mohammad Towhidul and Habib, Md, Intellectual Property Perspectives of Women’s Traditional Knowledge in Bangladesh (2016) Dhaka University Law Journal Volume 27 Issue 1 (published in 2017) pp 27-40, 2016.

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