Alexander and Edwards, ‘What are the duties of an outgoing trustee?’

The recent case of Geneva Trust Company SA v D and Ors [2020] JRC 104 has served to shed interesting new light on the duties of outgoing trustees regarding disclosure of documents and information (in other words, trust records) by a retiring trustee to a new trustee. The general principles of Jersey law in this area are relatively well-defined, as per the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 (the Trusts Law) and a not inconsiderable body of case law derived from the Royal Court in Jersey as well as of the courts of England and Wales. However, it is useful to both professional trustees and legal practitioners alike when the Court provides further elucidation. The Geneva Trust Company case centred around the transfer of trust records for the D Discretionary Trust (the DDT) from the former trustee, Geneva Trust Company SA (formerly known as Rawlinson & Hunter Trustees SA) (the Former Trustee) to the current joint trustees, Fort Trustees Limited and Balchan Management Limited (collectively, the Current Trustees).

Stephen Alexander and Michael Edwards, What are the duties of an outgoing trustee?, Trusts and Trustees, Published: 27 December 2020.

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