Florian Möslein, ‘Blockchain Applications and Company Law’

Blockchain applications begin to transform both companies and company law. At Member State level, for example, the German government has recently commissioned a study to examine the suitability and need for reform of company law in view of blockchain applications. The European Commission also takes a close look at the intersection of blockchain and company law, and is currently considering ‘additional company law measures to facilitate cross-border expansion and scale-up by SMEs’. At the same time, the High-Level Forum on Capital Markets Union is discussing company law measures to make internal company processes more efficient with the help of distributed ledger technologies. Digitalization is likely to trigger further reform steps under company law, and blockchain and distributed ledger technologies represent fundamental challenges for this field of law. The present paper therefore tries to shed some light on the intersection of blockchain and corporate law. A brief explanation of the technology lays the ground for measuring the potential for its use in company law practice.

Möslein, Florian, Blockchain Applications and Company Law (October 27, 2020). Legal Technology Transformation in Practice, 2020.

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